P-51 Radiators

Tamiya P-51D Build Report 4: Radiator/Oil Cooler

I got a little exhausted with detailing the engine so I moved on to the radiator/oil cooler duct assembly.  I believe this assembly requires its own post because it is a little miny model on its own.  As seen from the below instruction snippets, completing the whole assembly requires 24 parts including metal rods and…

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P-51D Seat

Tamiya P-51D Build Report 3: Cockpit

It has been a while since my last post but our house renovation has pretty much eaten up all of my free time.  But with the work finally winding down I was able to get some bench time in on the Tamiya Mustang.  I decided to switch gears from engine work and move on to…

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Rolls-Royce Merlin

Tamiya P-51D Build Report 2: Engine

I finally finished up the exhaust ignition harnesses.  I had a lot of trouble with these compared to the intake ignition harnesses.  With the top harnesses I was able use copper wire and “fudge” the location of where the ignition lines connect to the spark plugs since they are hidden from the intake covers.  However,…

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Tamiya P-51D Build Report 1: Engine

I haven’t modeled since I was a young kid putting together Revell kits with Testors cement and finishing them in a couple hours. Even though I haven’t touched a kit since middle school, I have continued to follow model forums and build sites.  Now, at the age of 33 and with the recent purchase of…

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